Thoughts on Friendship

Being a friend is one of the greatest honors there is in this life. Friendship is one of those things that make this world just a little more admissible. With out friends life would be mundane, sad, and at times unbearable. A good friend can help calm the most ferocious storm within and rally behind... Continue Reading →


Giving Thanks

It has been quite some months since I have opened my blog and written anything. Part of this comes from being so busy I can't see straight, and part comes from lack of inspiration. However, a comment was made on a post (not my post but a friends), that really sparked my desire to come back... Continue Reading →

Tell me a story… Telling your kids your childhood stories.

Like most parents we have our night-time routines. Also, like most parents these routines involve bathing, brushing teeth, putting dirty laundry away... normal things. Each night as our children lay their beautiful heads on their pillows before we pray for them we have a story time. Story time involves lots of different things. Sometimes it... Continue Reading →


Bad Case of Over-Comittments

Ever have a moment in life where everything clicks and falls into place? A quick look, a rare glimpse of pure clarity, even if it was just for a second. I have, and let me tell you it is beautiful. So many times as a parent my life becomes overwhelming and filled to the brim... Continue Reading →


Chivalry… It’s Not Dead!

Whoever said chivalry is dead is just not looking in the right places... While online the other day a girlfriend posted a picture of a sweatshirt that looked just like a knight’s armor. This included the helmet (hood) and face mask attachments. Immediately I went on the hunt for this glorious sweatshirt, I mean how... Continue Reading →


Hotel…Motel… Embassy Suites

Why do we love staying in hotels? It is a simple question with a myriad of responses. There are so many types of establishments that you can stay in while you travel. Hotels, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, hostels, just to name a few. Some of these are family friendly; some are wonderful for a romantic... Continue Reading →


The Dirty “H” Word… Housework

I don’t know about you but every time that I set aside part of my day for housework it just doesn’t get done! I mean seriously. What is the deal with that? It seems to me that the only time the work really gets done is if I know that someone is coming over to... Continue Reading →


Taking time to smell the proverbial roses…

I am sitting on the dock by the bay; the sky is blue and the water calm. The tide is in and the docked boats are gently settled on the water. It is a day that looks like it should be on a postcard with the saying 'Wish you were here'. There is not one... Continue Reading →


Parenting: How we are raising our kids with the understanding of kindness and respect

As I picked up my son today from school I was greeted with an enormous smile and hug. He had a few blue envelopes in his hand and I quickly realized this is what was left of his birthday party invitations. He ran up to me and stated that he had passed almost all of... Continue Reading →


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