Thoughts on Friendship

Being a friend is one of the greatest honors there is in this life. Friendship is one of those things that make this world just a little more admissible. With out friends life would be mundane, sad, and at times unbearable. A good friend can help calm the most ferocious storm within and rally behind us when we are down. A good friend will build you up and cheer you on in the adventure we call life.

If you have someone whom you call a friend then you are indeed blessed. Merriam – Webster defines a friend as someone with whom you have great affection and esteem for, someone who you like and enjoy being with. I don’t know about you but my definition would be somewhat different from this. A friend is someone who loves you regardless of your past. A friend is someone who sees your character defects and stands along side you anyways. A friend will be there when the going gets tough, offer words of wisdom and when words fail, offer prayer on your behalf. A friend knows when you need a hug and gives you one (whether it is virtual or in person.) Friends are people with whom you can count on to always be there.

I heard it said once that friends are the family you choose for yourself. I honestly believe this to be true. I am so grateful for the family of friends that I have. Having friends is a blessing but being a friend is a gift.


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