The Art of Manipulation

I've been thinking a lot about the way children from a very young age are able to manipulate the people around them. It can be as subtle or as blatant as they desire. One could argue that this is an art form, learned and perfected as a means of protection/survival. One could argue it is... Continue Reading →


LOVE is an action word (part 2): Actively loving my children

I wrote a post earlier today about LOVE being an action word. An action word that I personally choose daily to apply to my marriage. As I thought about this principal more I began to think about my children. Do I apply the same principal to them? To my littles, my minis, my minions? Do... Continue Reading →

LOVE is an action word

We all know the song L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole. It's one of those songs that once you hear it you can't help but hum all day long, it's catchy like that. I have it as a ringtone for my beloved when he calls me. Every time my phone goes off and I hear... Continue Reading →


Parenting : Just making it through another day

No one has ever claimed that raising children is a piece of cake. In fact, anyone with a child knows that is far from the truth. We all have our ups and our downs... Sometimes the ups outweigh the downs, and sometimes they don't. Reality as I see it is just making it through each... Continue Reading →


Seeking God’s presence through parenting, puberty, and public school

Middle school is difficult. Throw puberty into the mix and well it is a recipe for pure and utter chaos. Whether you are a boy or a girl makes no difference. Each comes with its own tangled web of complex issues, triumphs, and troubles. Each of these tests are there to refine, define and prepare... Continue Reading →


Dentist Woes…

I have a dentist appointment today. Like most good patients I have excessively brushed my teeth, flossed maniacally and even used mouthwash. I have done this all because I know that they will brush my teeth at the office, no doubt floss them too, and I just want to be ahead of the game. No... Continue Reading →


Adventures in Trafficland… and other such nonsense

Last week I had the privilege of sneaking away mid-week with my husband on what we coined as our "Hockey Holiday". Being that we live in a small town away from the hustle and bustle of "city life", I always find myself completely unnerved when we travel into the depths of entropy known as Southern... Continue Reading →


We Don’t Do Football In This House…

Can I just say that I am happy and relieved that the Super Bowl is officially over! In our house we don't do football... and I don't intend to start now. Sure Football has surpassed Baseball as "America's Favorite" sport to watch, but not in my house! I guess one could argue that if you... Continue Reading →


Couponing – A New Frontier

Deciding to take on the world of couponing can seem like a daunting task. Where to begin and how it all works is frightening not to mention overwhelming. There are blogs about coupons and social media sites that post freebies and the latest deals. You can join forums, become a member of various coupon groups,... Continue Reading →


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