Dentist Woes…

I have a dentist appointment today. Like most good patients I have excessively brushed my teeth, flossed maniacally and even used mouthwash. I have done this all because I know that they will brush my teeth at the office, no doubt floss them too, and I just want to be ahead of the game. No joke. For some strangely bizarre reason I am petrified of the dentist. I hate the way their offices smell. To me it’s worse than a hospital, and well, we all know that hospital’s smell funky. It’s that overly sterile smell, that reminds one slightly of death and decay. It’s the easy listening music they play in the background that is meant to be calming but makes me crazy. It’s the sound of a high pitch drill and the smell of burnt bone. It all makes me slight nauseated and very uneasy!

I have not had a particularly bad experience at the dentist. My very first dentist I had was my Uncle and he is an amazing dentist might I add. He filled my cavities quickly and constantly complimented my beautiful smile. He made sure I was comfortable and that my dental experience was pleasant. If anything growing up I loved my dentist! He made dental work a fun, happy experience!

Once I became an adult I no longer went to my Uncle’s office for cleanings and dental work as it was too far away. I had to branch out for the first time on my own and find a dentist. Most of the people I saw were friendly with a good bedside manner. One thing was apparent as I moved I had to find a new dentist. Apprehension grew with each new experience. In the back of my mind I always wondered is there really and issue or do they just want to stick a filling in my mouth. Believe me… I have a mouth that is filled with thousands of dollars in dental work.

Then came the issue with my wisdom teeth. Ugh! I was told that I have to have them pulled. The dentist I saw at the time was only able to pull two. I was told that the other two had to be surgically removed as they are hooked into my jawbone. That would be nerve wrecking to anyone! Come on… have them break the tooth out of the jaw in order to remove it?! Seriously? To put it plain and simple… that sucks! That is also why I still currently have those two wisdom teeth. You see in my opinion, the make me wise… just kidding. It may be unwise of me to leave them in but I do not fancy pain and have no desire to be in it if it is not absolutely necessary.

Well as you can guess it is time to meet yet another new dentist. Although he has received rave reviews from may close friends and even from my beloved husband I still find myself horrified. I have an extreme case of the “what if’s”. What if I need to have a crown or a root canal. I have never had to have one before and they seem painful. What if I have some crazy gum disease that I don’t know about and my teeth are on the verge of falling out. What if… what if… what if. All this fear of the unknown coupled with a very active imagination is a recipe for disaster. I am a ball of stress. My neck and shoulders are so tight that if you tried to extend the muscles they might actually snap like a brittle rubber band. No amount of prayer of meditation has worked up until this point but I will not stop trying.

Maybe I should just ask for the nitrous up front.


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    1. Thanks Carm! I made it through this visit… it is now the ones that are to follow that are scarier than hell! Lots of dental work to be done this year! đŸ˜¦

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