We Don’t Do Football In This House…

Can I just say that I am happy and relieved that the Super Bowl is officially over! In our house we don’t do football… and I don’t intend to start now. Sure Football has surpassed Baseball as “America’s Favorite” sport to watch, but not in my house! I guess one could argue that if you don’t like the game at least watch the commercials (they are funny) or the half time show (it’s incredible!) My response to that is if I want to see the commercials or the half time show all I have to do is go on the internet, they are posted all over the place on-line. I would rather scrape out my eyes with a dull spoon than watch a football game on TV! For the most part the same sentiment could be used for Baseball and Basketball too. Just not my thing.

Now Hockey on the other hand. That is a sport I both know and love! Give me a good NHL game and I am on cloud nine! Hockey seems to run though my veins… it is what I consider one of the most difficult professional sports out there. It requires not only speed and stamina, but balance and agility as well. Hockey players have to skate on ice, be able to turn on a dime and stop at a moments notice. They have to follow a small black rubber puck around the rink filled with both friend and foe and try to land it in the net. Then there is the physical side of the sport! Hockey players have to deal with the issues of: tripping, holding, hooking, spearing, high sticking, slashing, and cross checking. Not mention things like: Kneeing, elbowing, roughing, and checking from behind. All of these things carry a penalty whether it be a major or a minor. It is amazing these guys stay on their feet at all! Nonetheless these things make this game much more physical and demanding than sports such as baseball, basketball, tennis, or even football. These guys are true athletes.

Being from California we have three teams that I could cheer for; San Jose Sharks, LA Kings, and Anaheim Ducks. Funny thing is that I don’t cheer for any of them. I am not now nor have I ever been a person caught up in the mentality that because you are from a certain area you have to cheer for a certain team. Sure LA has had the fortune of having one of the greatest hockey players of all time, but many teams can boast that. Gretzky left LA and his career was not over. He played a short stint for the Blues before settling in with the Rangers. While Gretzky played and up to his retirement he continued to be magnificent!

Since I was in middle school I have been drawn to the Chicago Blackhawks. Back then it was due to their colorful jerseys… (which in my opinion are still the best in the league!) Now the Hawks have become a part of my life. I have cheered from the sideline for over 20 years. I have witnessed some of the NHL’s greatest players come and go. I have celebrated in victories and rallied through the lows. I cried when we won the Cup in 2010 an again in 2013. Red, White, and Black are colors I wear with pride.

So it’s not that I shun all professional sports…I don’t. Its just the simple fact that there is only one professional sport that I love. That is the sport in which in this house we give our undivided attention… The only sport that when its on you can hear a pin drop in my house and if you raise your voice above a peep you will hear a resounding SHHHHHHHHH the Hawks are playing!


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